A few words about the pub ...

The pub is situated on Zizkov on the St. Cross hill which is connected with the Parukarka Complex. The Zizkov habitants calls this place "Na Krizku" (On the Cross). According to the legend, there were the place of execution, but several experts of history negate this legend. At this time a specific pub with a extraordinary view of Prague. That is why the children and dogs run arough it on nice days. The "parents" are drinking good beer when their double or four-legs pets are playing around. In the surrounding we can see a nice grassy ground, children play-ground, and benches. It is not a typical restaurant. Sometimes we can hear a guitar noise there, the pub is of a special atmosphere, far from civilization, although the tram No. 5, 9, 26 and can you take just to the hill when you get off on "Olsanske namesti" station. You can also take the bus No. 133, 136, 207. The hill on which the pub is placed is situated among streets: Olsanska, Lupacova, Jeseniova.
It worth to come here not only for the reason of the people swarm and a beautiful view of Prague.

Writen about us ...

How the Hasek's memorial was built

Under the Olsany cemetery is a big street for cars. In the past, an old pub "Pod kastany" with porches used to stay. It was destroyed because the cars and progress had required more place. They have decide to build a memorial for Jaroslav Hasek just next to. The basic stone has been founded but after that they had something else to do. The stone was just there like an old dumb an than an intelligent man left a beer bottle on it. Hasek would not refuse the memorial. And because of it could not be for the author of Dobry vojak Josef Svejk enough, one good man have found about the year 1989 on the hill a little pub near the public toilets. The pub on the top of a hill. It was very nice for Hasek! He would be very happy for this curiosity pub curtsy. So unknowingly there has been build a Hasek's Zizkov memorial by this specific.